The formidable fighter and grasp of ice, Sub-Zero is again and prepared for kombat! This is a primary take a look at some Sub-Zero gameplay. Mortal Kombat will probably be accessible April 23, 2019.


  1. Is this is a joke??? I love sub zero and always play MKXL with subzero as my character… in MKX, I think by mistake, Ed Boon made him cool and instead of improving him here, they screwed his everything in MK11. His dialogues, his suit, the way he threw iceballs in MKX, everything is degraded i think… they have made him a lesser kind of version… i think the way subzero's character got so much attention in MKX, Boon couldn't handle that… cause prior to MKX, people always prefered scorpion over subzero but not in MKX… Subzero was a better fighter specially his cryomancer variation, it was so awesome that MK had to change one of his combo variation in one of the updates in which they made it so hard that only few of the people could pull it off properly and it was changed to a pathetic throw…

    They are always trying to degrade subzero but he is always loved by audience… scorpion is lifted coz he is Boon's favourite

  2. All of these looks so cheesy. Design, gameplay, atmosphere. They look like toys. Arena looks bland and stupid. Just a big gun…very inspiring. Gore looks stupid, very unnatural and cartoony. Meh. It looks like mk from ps2 era, but in 2d (and those games were shit)

  3. What are u dudes think about sub zeros look in this game,i think it sucks so bad,look at that head gear,he lookd soooooo awsome in mkx,how did they fuckd him up so bad in this game?

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