That is some recent 20v20 gameplay on the NEW Trendy Warfare engine! Activision flew me out to play the brand new Name of Obligation Trendy Warfare sport with a bunch of different creators. Certainly one of my favorite issues concerning the sport was the brand new 20v20 enormous battle sport mode. It was like CoD. However BIGGER. The streaks individuals are going to be occurring on this sport mode goes to be unreal. I hope you guys benefit from the early Trendy Warfare 20v20 gameplay!


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  1. Tbh im glad the mini map is gone.. I play so many 1st person shooters that don't have a mini map.. Its nice when the game doesnt blow ur position.. The enemy should have to hear where you come from not look in the top left corner..

  2. i think you should only have base mini map where u can see where teammates are at and general direction of enemy when they fire gun and the uav should let you know exactly where enemy is at when they fire gun but im not sure if the uav should be permanent. at this time tho i dont think they should change anything in the beta and wait till game comes out and see how the community adapts to it and if not change it

  3. I do hope they have the minimap so you know what the area around you looks like but I don't them bringing back red dots popping up whenever people shoot. Directional indicators are OK but I feel with good sound design that may not be necessary. I only played the older Call of Dutys (Black Ops and back) and quite often I found myself watching the minimap 60% of the time…similar situation in BF4 and BF3 aka the "Dorito-fields".

    Looking forward to playing Call of Duty again, especially after the joke that is BFV and because it will have .300 BLK and the MG34.

  4. Stopping Power is the worst attachment they could have re-added. It's such a huge advantage against people who don't use it, that everyone has to use it. So every class or loadout has it. I want to use other red perks and I can't cuz it puts me in disadvantage of I sob use stopping power. Might aswell not even have red perks if you add it to the choice selection

  5. I love how people cry when then don’t have a 24/7 mini map. Oh you don’t know where everyone is all the time??? Suck a dick! The more realistic the better…. no mini map all the tine is more realistic

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