Get a take a look at NBA 2K20, accessible on September 6, 2019 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Change, and PC, and in November for Google Stadia.

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  1. Imagine paying over $60+ for the same game that looks like something out of 2015 and you still have to sit through ads, virtual currency and loot boxes

  2. And course 2K will fill it full gambling Surprise mechanic boxes and microtransaction with the sole purpose of ripping people because we made grind unbearable to our fans

  3. I'm actually very pleased to see the introduction of the WNBA. My roommate who is a woman loves basketball but doesn't enjoy playing these games because there was no creative mode for women. I am very pleased about this introduction because now I can finally buy her this basketball game she can identify with and have her own playable character! This was awesome to watch. You guys did it right with this one!

  4. When the microtransactions become less prominent, then I might try a demo of the game. Both NBA 2k nd Live stopped being about the game, and just sold things that doesn't even improve the experience of the game itself.

    Edited: I don't even mind having WNBA players, and I'd encourage adding the overseas leagues as well. You want more representation? Why aren't Asians, Africans, and Europeans, heck even South Americans, included in the game? Now that's racist.

    Imagine finding the next Manu, Luka, Dirk, or Kristaps through a game… before NBA scouts even looks at their tapes.

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