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  1. If Frank Vogel, a defensive-minded coach started defensive liability Kyle Kuzma, you know will be because of pressure from Jeannie Buss as a marketing strategy. 😀😀😀
    KCP would be the 6th Man, and playing the 3-spot as a substitute for Kuzma.

  2. Lebron James should not be in the low post, that is an ESPN NARRATIVE. 😀😀😀
    The paint belongs to the bigs.
    Quinn Cook's #1 responsibility is still OFF-THE-BALL = doesn't get anymore than 2 dribbles, PASS & CUT TO THR CORNER.
    Lebron James moves to the 3-spot, but still outside the 3-point line as the Floor General.

  3. Add the broadcast feature on when shooting free throws. Makes the broadcast more . Camera switches while shooting free throws. Works for players or against the cpu. Brings more realism to the game. You can turn it on during the game in settings

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