In the present day we check out over 10 minutes of Dragon Ball Z Kakarot Gameplay footage! Sub right this moment and be a part of the #NanoFam 😀
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  1. Why they don't make a dragon Ball games that starts since the story of sajayin and Goku arriving earth and goes to dbz dbs, the movies the dbgt
    They always do dbz games from dbz to majinbu or cell

  2. The driver licence when Piccolo scream while ride over the mountain and he screams hahahaha,that part killed me so bad.I hope they give us a coop mode in split screen aswell.As for the gameplay,it looks awesome,i still wonder why CC doesn't buy Fairy Tail,that anime needs a fighting game SOOOOO BAAAAD,also Toriko since you can do gameplay like this but hunting beast or collecting rare items,then you can have cooking game and battle with it,and theeeen a fighting game like FighterZ,3 stuff on toriko that can make an awesome game.

  3. They should make an entire story mode game of the whole dragon ball series.
    First you start off as Kid goku, all the fights (or the most important ones) will be done. You can also explore in the open world and get skills as you go on.
    There will also be other battles in which some other character instead of goku is fighting. and you fight as them.
    If goku is fighting with the help of somebody else ( say krillin) then you can change between both of them while fighting and also the other guy will support as well.
    Then you go on to DBZ and your characters evolve into DBZ ones. for eg, kid goku becomes goku of saiyan saga.
    Then so on characters will evolve, the story will progress.
    After DBZ comes DBS.
    And then DBS super also ends with goku and jiren fight and android 17 winning.
    After that, we get DLCs, of movies.
    Like Broly movie (a dlc about the whole dragon ball broly movie, the new one)
    And the other important movies.
    We can also maybe get GT and have ssj 4 gogeta action with omega, baby vegeta,etc etc as a dlc
    And idk if dragon ball heroes is cannon or not but if its not then we can get that as a dlc as well. But if it is cannon then it can just be added after dragon ball super (i havent watched heroes yet).
    That would be a really good game and you can basically say you have watched most of the anime or know most of the things about dragon ball series (obviously not all of it)

  4. Playing video games is like voodoo dolls makes since.. But video games players are good at controlling people… Postive videogames make you better at manipulating.. Negative its witch craft just like going to church a lot that witch shit , the bible is basically a spell book.

  5. Sometimes my videogames act different like goku in my dragonball xenoverse game he was acting like goku the night i saved the world from kid buu.. GOKU IS EVIL. My sister seen it too.. I always have witnesses.

  6. I'm trying very hard to reserve skepticism but this seems like a weak BT3 fighting system and the same story I've played through in a ton of earlier games. Not worried about open world. More worried about it Not being a xenoverse rip off, actual beam struggles/clashes, TRULY destructive environment(not just denting the scenery and it fades back to new) and environment transitions. Looks wise, I'd give it an S, but I've had my hopes up about a dbz game before. A lot.

  7. About time! Been waiting for another open world DBZ game since the success of Rise Of A Ninja. Fighting games every other year becomes way too repetitive. This looks amazing, cannot wait to play

  8. Personally, Fighterz was the worst game and had the worst art style. Hated that it was a retro arcade fighting game, dont give 2 shits about those types of videogames. And the art style looked like those games that used single drawings as "animations" and shaking camera as am effect. I just did not like it at all.

    This game on the other hand, leaps and bounds better. And this better go up to Buu or I'll be pissed.

  9. Dude u saw the characters menu? when he pressed start ? Maybe u can play with any chacaracter that u unlocked throughout the story at any time!, Dude that's so sick

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