On this unique Recreation Informer video, The Outer Worlds’ co-director Tim Cain and lead designer Charles Staples exhibit new gameplay and speak about designing a satisfying RPG fight expertise (impressed by Fallout: New Vegas) for Obsidian’s subsequent sport. See extra unique movies at https://www.gameinformer.com/theouterworlds


  1. Even for early footage this looks pretty awful. The characters and faces just look stiff and emotionless and the combat pretty janky like FO4. Not things that can be easily fixed before release. That coupled with the Epic Store exclusivity deal means I’m giving this a pass. Maybe when it’s on a Steam sale in a year or two, but unfortunately this is one I can live without.

  2. they always seem to use bloody controllers for demos like this. surely people dont want to see potato aim? it doesn't have to be leet quake aim or anything but damn you just want to head over there, smash the controller into bits, set fire to it, plug in a keyboard and mouse and look at the superior control choice with raised eyebrows.

  3. Why does this game look so slow and boring? It looks really easy and uninteresting. The lack of enthusiasm from the director and the lead designer is not a good sign either. They're both just like… meh. "We want to make sure people don't feel overwhelmed". I really hate the part where he says that they'll give us a bunch of weapons early on and then "give more powerful versions of the same weapons later", lame!

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