I discovered Granny in Fortnite Battle Royale… So we determined to play Granny Horror Sport in FORTNITE!
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  1. the new version is the only thing is the most recent update has been the best thing ever I really love the GRANNY update and the FORTNITE update I looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I know this isn't about the video Dark, but I was wondering if you could answer my question. On my single player Minecraft world, there is weird stuff happening. Just a few days ago, I started a Minecraft survival world, and started to notice wierd things. This didn't happen until I fell into a ravine near my house, and while I was trying to dig out, I found a hidden cave. What's weird, is that from the outside, this ravine had no caves at all, which leads me to think there are more hidden caves. The hidden cave didn't look big at all at first, until I followed it to an underground ravine. At the end of that ravine, there were more caves. I don't know for how long they go, because I kept getting lost because it is like a maze in there. There is still a lot to explore.

    But anyways, after I found that cave, I went back to my house and found a dirt cross in front of it. I destroyed it and jokingly replaced it with wood and put a sign on it saying " Jesus Christ." (I thought it might have been a glitch) I ignored it, and the next day, went back to the cave. When I came out, the dirt cross was back, but around 6 blocks away from the wooden one. Later ( after I went to the cave again) I returned back to my house again and saw that the dirt cross had redstone torches on the front side. There was also one redstone torch on my house. Now I knew something was up. I wanted to see if whoever or whatever was doing this could see the chat box, so I typed what I was thinking in there for an experiment. (Honestly I thought I was being stupid doing that, but now I'm not so sure…) I found some diamonds in the cave and built a diamond pickaxe. I typed in the chat "Yay! Now I can get obsidian!" As soon as I clicked enter, my character caught on fire and I was going to go outside to jump in the pool I made. Before I even made it there, my character wasn't on fire anymore. I went outside anyways to investigate. I found one obsidian block in the pool…

    Later, I went back inside my house, and lava appeared from thin air! I tried to get rid of it, but more was placed down.
    Remember, this was all on my single player world.
    Also, what really confused me is when I randomly switched to creative mode… Since I was already in creative mode, I got the materials I needed to build a Herobrine shrine. Then the game switched back to survival mode.

    I know this sounds unbelievable ( Which I would have thought was fake if it didn't actually happen to me!) but trust me, it's true. If no one believes me, then fine I can't force them to, but I know what happened.

    So this leads me to my question, Who was it? Was it Herobrine? Or was it someone or something completely different?

    p.s sorry for the long comment!

  3. I know!
    Dark Corners is trying out the new 1.13 update in minecraft.
    That's the reason why he hasn't uploaded a minecraft video this monday.
    Dark,please show us Herobrine and Null.

  4. Dark Corners,can you return to your old good job,making scary stuff and NOT playing Fortnite all the time?I mean dude,your name is dark corners there is nothing creepy in Fortnite.Please go make some videos like the good old ones that were actually scary and stop playing Fortnite just for some days ok?Im sorry if i made you sad but man…i miss the old dark corners… :(…


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