Kyle joins Cork and Leo for the opening minutes of Vblank’s follow-up to Retro Metropolis Rampage. Keep tuned for the entire episode to seek out out which declare we make early on is totally incorrect!
Shakedown: Hawaii is coming to PlayStation 4, Change, Vita, and PC (by way of the Epic Video games Retailer) on Could 7.

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  1. RCR is a great little game so was looking forward to this kinda sequel
    but Shakedown Hawaii was a no show on the UK PS4 store May 7th.
    everywhere I've checked says the game actually did release on Tues 7th May but I can't find it
    any news on a delay ????

  2. The later missions look ridiculously fun from what I've seen on other channels. They do the game more justice. Hope to see you guys takle more of the mid-game stuff for other games in the future.

  3. Whoever gave the advice to just shoot things instead of collecting the coins in the arcade minigame… just fire him.
    I mean right now without any questions.
    A person who doesn't understand the objective (especialy such an easy one) should never give any advice…

  4. I was really hoping that this would have (Even though it's a bit much to ask for) character creation. I also hoped that this would continue the story of Retro City Rampage.

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