Imran joins Cork and Leo to speak Far Cry New Daybreak, the upcoming post-apocalyptic tackle the open-world outpost-taker. The sound is low as a result of the recording had ambient noise from the room baked in and it was distracting at the next quantity.
Far Cry New Daybreak launches February 15th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.


  1. I heard even though there's the bullet sponge enemies. If you upgrade your guns that good, upgraded well or other guns with better stats, it will be easier and a bit more 'realistic' to kill enemies like in other Far Cry games. No wonder, Ubisoft is a tricky bastard.
    Although shotguns and snipers seem to be almost the same on light enemies, a sniper bullet to the head? Instant kill. I think I figured why they're making us upgrade weapons, to make them finally have realistic damage. Especially when they locked the heavy takedown skill this time, meaning we had to have some perks to achieve it. Just my thoughts.

  2. Call me what you like, but I'm genuinely looking forward to this. I loved every Far Cry title so far, and I absolutely love the setting of a post apocalypse. It still looks like it has the Far Cry charm to it despite the RPG aspects, which may even prove to be an improvement as it was in Assassins Creed.
    Don't get me wrong though, it's far from being at the top of my list when it comes to upcoming games.

  3. Seeing this in action brings back the boredom that crept in while I was playing through the campaign of 5. Hope the family receive it well but I think I've played my last Far Cry. Great banter though.

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