Game designers Nick Livingston and Ramone Russell from San Diego Studio join Cork, Leo and Kato to walk through the new March To October mode, Moments and more. Strap in for a long and informative look at the game, which releases exclusively on PlayStation 4 on March 26.
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  1. My only problem with this game is the following …. It's streaky to the point where I stop playing it for months. I'll be hitting .375 with 80 homers in a season for 6 seasons and then all of the sudden, I'm a .260, 30 HR guy. You fall off the face of the earth. The entire time I'll have the hot hitter trait, but I'm not hot.

    Oh yeah, The Mets? I mean, I"m not an NL East guy, but the Phils are better than them.

  2. Give me Montreal Expos, There are Investors as we speak trying to bring them back. Jays playing at Big O for Spring Training Series. Come On Show Expos. Bring em back.

  3. Ramone Russell is the ultimate cuck. Never listens to what fans demands are, how many years have we been asking for create a stadium at this point? Among many other things as well. Then he gets defensive and butthurt when fans ask him questions on twitch and twitter.

  4. I don’t watch MLB but it’s always fun to play it. I only watch NBA and NFL and it’s not as fun. The sports I don’t watch are always fun to play though for some reason I don’t know why. MLB, FIFA, NHL are all fun.

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