Conflict Robots Stay Stream & Gameplay of the New 4.7 Replace with Mk2 Max Calamity AO JUN and different new WR setups. 2 Hours of Enjoyable when you’ve got the time.

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  1. The Ao Jun with Calamity is first used at around 15 minutes mark but then more often. Sorry everoyne! I should have run it sooner, I know. My bad!
    To make a quck review in text-form: Calamity performs well and runs great on the AO Jun because it always hits no matter how you fly. But the lock-on time is the real deal-breaker on that weapon for me. Those 3-4 seconds are so long that sometimes you just wont be able to fire at all or even reload the weapon which you cannot unless you lock on to something. Those arent exactly my favorite weapons and I believe its a reason why shocktrain is so much less used then Tulumbas. Because they have no lockon and are more versatile.

  2. hey who loves Manni's videos and the Vortex Spectre hit like button or Who loves the Lock on Weapons click like or unlike.
    Thanks Manni for your Live Stream with THE AO JUN WITH CALAMITY and also next live stream or video run the Raven with Scourge and Spark we want to see which is powerful(Ao Jun with Calamity or Raven with Spark and Scourge)

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