Warmth Gameplay Let’s Play | Survive the wilderness, construct a house, increase a household, and broaden your territory. Achieve energy as President, ship justice as Sheriff, battle in your tribe as Chief, or present some southern hospitality as Governor. Start your new life in 19th century America.

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  1. You have to research the most of items in this game u only have to find it on the research list……… i craft the stations, placed it and then upgrade it. Hoover over the "I" in the menu of the station, u will see what you need to make iron ingotts and so on. Sometimes i feel like i need a doctor exam for this game, but that is why thus is a good game, not to easy but not to difficult. Keep on. If u need something, let us know us, i think everyone in this game helps another, its only a long way for me to visit u….

  2. Hi Gameedge, Great Vid… you can buy clay very cheap .03 each… get the sawmill to get Timber… upgrade kiln to do iron ingots.. keep up the good work..

  3. Enjoying this game so much. It's so beautiful!! Awesome video, as always!! Can't wait to see more of this. Thank you for all the hard work you do to bring us such amazing videos!! 🙂

  4. To do ingots you will need to upgrade your kiln. You can upgrade must of your tables by going into it and beside the info. tab is a place to upgrade them. Some of them you can upgrade more than once.

  5. with the ingots and planks see if your neighbours could help you or if anyone is on line that you could ask just an idea hope you find out how to get the items you need

  6. Too bad I don't play bluegrass music anymore . Stone Hoe would be the new band name . Last band I was in we called Stone Jet . Our slogan was " Are you Stone jet ? Cause we are ! " Crazy old hippy folks …. What can I say …. Another great video Brother !

  7. I like the graphics, I like the complexity of the crafting. But the avatars really need work. Going bald when you put a hat on and the movements are so hokey. It looks like you're power walking when you move the arms and shoulders swing so much. Then there's the whole crap thing, bad enough you have to do it in real life don't want to have to worry about it in a game.

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