Kim unveils ten minutes of unique footage from Man Of Medan! We determined towards a regular New Gameplay Immediately as a result of nobody desires us to speak over all of the dialogue, us included. Learn extra concerning the recreation in Kim’s preview right here:

The sport releases this summer season on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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  1. I’m so excited to play this game and pre ordered the PS4 disc BUT my problem is that it doesn’t look as polished as UD, it’s like they cut the budget down since it’s a shorter game and it’s multi platform.

  2. Why is this game not really being talked about i have not seen any youtube video about it unless you type it in the search and even some game stores are not even showing its coming out i mean they are showing games for next year but not one in august 😂

  3. Mass Effect Andromeda horrible uncanny valley graphic animation, especially in the facial expressions. When are people going to stop being simple minded and focused on the managerial "improvement" on graphical realism and focus on something that matters like actual gameplay. This looks like garbage and the voice acting is just as terrible.

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