Sport Informer’s Ben Hanson and Ben Reeves stroll you thru new gameplay for Marvel Final Alliance 3: The Black Order, unique to the Nintendo Change. Be taught much more concerning the sport at

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  1. Nice. A 60$ mobile game with “Ultimate Alliance” plastered on the cover.

    Literally looks like contest of champions and strikeforce mobile games.

    disrespecting og UA 1 smh

  2. The Midnight Sons is Marvels version of Justice League Dark. They're a team of heroes whose powers and world come from the world of magic and the supernatural. The team has consisted of Werewolf By Night, Blade, Ghost Rider, Moon Knight, Doctor Strange, Jennifer Kale, Elsa Bloodstone, Man-Thing, Brother Voodoo, Daimion Hellstorm, Topaz , Morbius and others

  3. Carnage has to be included in the expansion pack(s)!! He is coming in Venom 2 and shouldn’t be ignored in the villain team bonus section. CARNAGE IS A MUST HAVE GIVEN HOW POPULAR HE IS ABOUT TO BECOME! Don’t miss this opportunity UA3/Team Ninja!!! Please!

  4. I just hope if they ought to create another series of MUA, they will continue with the story from the first MUA (galactus scene). Just saying . Loved those old days though

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