Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom is lastly right here!

Be a part of the younger king Evan as he units out on an epic quest to discovered a brand new kingdom and, with the assistance of some new associates, unite his world, saving its individuals from a horrible evil.

Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom –

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  1. @VintageBeef – "Bough" is pronounced similarly to "Though." The 'gh' is silent. "Bough" is referring to the bough of a tree, man. Other than that, while I can understand why you might be frustrated with the Yorkshire accents of Capstan, Niall's Scottish accent actually isn't all that bad. Seriously, if you were to look up a Scottish dialect dictionary, just a single look through would make reading Niall's lines easier to understand. Before reading one, I only had to guess at what 'ken' meant, but now I know for sure that it means 'know.' It's actually pretty fun learning about all these different accents.

  2. So, Beef. The accent for "ull" is basically the same one as where I am from (Grimsby, northeast England).
    You should pronounce the letters simply to get it right.
    nowt = "no" "wuh" "tuh"
    The abriviated letters before other words (t') are normally "the"
    t'boys = "tuh" "boys"

  3. Hey Beefy I think you should make sure you are researching something in your kingdom as much as you can and dont miss those !!!!! points that show research being done! Your welcome for the back seat gaming :-)!!

  4. Niall isn't pronounced "Neal". It's pronounced "Nyall" (Nee-all). His name was said earlier in the game, but you spoke over it. Also, in Dragon Age: Origins, there's a character of the same name, and it's also pronounced as "Nyall" in that as well.

  5. 27:53, it says there is a button to view claimable materials. the thing you need the most to upgrade if possible is the stores i think, it gets full too quickly. and you have a recruit quest that gives you silver nugget as a reward, you just need to find the recruit and it's killing two birds with one stone

  6. You might want to try using dodge more often. Maybe go for a few hits on the boss, and then keep dodging away until the boss stops attacking you again, and repeat the cycle. I heard the difficulty really picks up later in the game. Anyway, loving the series, there's something about you and recording Ni No Kuni that makes it enjoyable.

  7. Whoever clicked thumbs down your such a troll why would anyone ever hit thumbs down you should support everyone who does this even if you don't like there videos. And thumbs down doesn't hurt the videos lol you watching it helps keep up the amazing work BEEF love your attitude

  8. Beef, you can disable the Auto Center Camera in the settings menu. there is a Vertical and Horizontal setting so turn them both off and it'll stop doing that 🙂 !!!


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