All games that resemble Dark souls in its playability they are characterized by their devilish difficulty which forces players to have to give everything to get them through. Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice or Nioh they are good examples of this and it looks like Nioh 2 will follow the same path.

The assistants of Tokyo Game Show 2019 they had the opportunity to try a demo of this second part that Team Ninja is developing and with which hundreds of players have suffered from the beautiful. This has led Koei Tecmo to to post some statistics about how many people have successfully completed it.

The result is that only 5% of the players who gave it a chance were able to overcome it. In total there were approximately 3,500 people who were encouraged to try, which is equivalent to only about 175 users managed to reach the end of the demo.

We will have to be well-behaved about the fact that in Nioh 2 probably let's die once, twice and even hundreds of times. At least we will have the opportunity to warm up for its launch to early 2020 when early November is enabled an open beta which will allow us to test a good preview of this action RPG.

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