Outer Wilds director Alex Beachum walks you thru the fundamentals of what makes this intriguing house exploration sport distinctive.

Outer Wilds Gameplay Demo – E3 Stay 2018

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  1. Really cool walkthrough by Alex. Have heard great things about the game. Looks unique, fun and challenging. Progress by learning, what a concept. Really looking forward to checking out this game!

  2. Hmmmm, now I can understand why you went exclusive with Epic Games because to be completely honest here at least with Epic you are guaranteed money. This is a game I'll pass on this game because it looks so simplistic, and has no content.

  3. Mobius digital: gets a couple of awards, builds press for their game, goes to conventions, crowdfunds
    Obsidian: "I'm about to end this man's entire brand recognition"

    Glad to say I'm not here for that other game(which i am looking forwards to aswell) but because I have been following this game since the early prototypes

  4. It doesn't look bad at all. I'm very interested. But the planets look pretty small and you're locked into a single solar system. I'm getting a bad feeling that there's not a lot to this game. A two hour story stretched to 20 hours through a death mechanic. I hope I'm wrong on this.

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