Overwatch’s new Hero 31 Sigma is right here and as we speak we breakdown all of his talents and gameplay! Overwatch: NEW Hero Sigma Gameplay! – ALL Skills Breakdown by Rusty!

Voiced and Written by Rusty
Edited by Gilberto “EienRinnegan” Dias
Thumbnail by Nancy Teeple

Manufacturing Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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  1. 3:05 so fortify negates his alt damage if it’s activated before or after its activation, so how in gods name did she die unless the person playing her was brain dead to begin with?

  2. 5:42 Excuse me
    You are wrong using that against like a hanzo that was to close or Torbjorn ult is actually amazing not only will you eat the ult but also block enemy fire and by the time that’s over Zaryas ult will be over so win/win situation

  3. I played as Pharah against a team of Sigmas, and the shield tactic does work, but i can just look away quickly and the damage is minimal (very lethal if the shield is placed in a way that is only to injure me instead of protecting the team)

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