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  1. They should put wigler in super smash Bros ultimate send me a Nintendo switch and super Mario oddessy New super Mario Bros U deluxe super smash Bros ultimate for my birthday my birthday is coming in February send it 124 Eagan Ave Dayton Nevada 89403

  2. I know it’s a little early for this but if you wanted to recreate the teams and do a Mii v Mii 4, I would like to show you my idea

    Mario- hero knights
    Donkey Kong- shadow legion
    Link- hero knights
    Dark link- shadow legion
    Samus- hero knights
    Dark Samus- shadow legion
    Yoshi- hero knights
    Kirby- hero knights
    Fox- hero knights
    Pikachu- hero knights
    Luigi- hero knights
    Ness- hero knoghts
    Captain Falcon- hero knights
    Jigglypuff- hero knights
    Peach- hero knights
    Daisy- either side
    Bowser- shadow legion
    Ice climbers- hero knights
    Sheik- shadow legion
    Zelda- hero knights
    Dr.Mario- shadow legion
    Pichu- hero knights
    Falco- either side
    Marth- hero knights
    Lucina- hero knights
    Young link- hero knights
    Ganondorf- shadow legion
    Mewtwo- shadow legion
    Roy- hero knights
    Chrom- hero knights
    Mr.Game n watch- shadow legion
    Meta Knight- shadow legion
    Pit- hero knights
    Dark Pit- shadow legion
    Zero suit Samus- hero knights
    Wario- shadow legion
    Snake- either side
    Ike- hero knights
    Sqirttle- hero knights
    Ivysaur- shadow legion
    Charizard- hero knights
    Diddy kong- hero knights
    Lucas- either side
    Sonic- hero knights
    King dedede- shadow legion
    Olimar- hero knights
    Alph- shadow legion
    Lucario- shadow legion
    ROB- shadow legion
    Toon link- hero knights
    Wolf- shadow legion
    Villager- hero knights
    Mega man- hero knights
    Female Wii fit trainer- hero knights
    Male Wii fit trainer- shadow legion
    Rosalina- hero knights
    Little Mac- hero knights
    Greninja- shadow legion
    Palutena- hero knights
    Pac-Man- hero knights
    Female Robin- hero knights
    Male Robin- shadow legion
    Shulk- hero knights
    Bowser jr- shadow legion
    Koopalings- shadow legion
    Duck hunt- either side
    Ryu- hero knights
    Ken- shadow legion
    Cloud- either side
    Male Corrin- hero knights
    Female Corrin- shadow legion
    Bayonetta- shadow legion
    Inkling girl- hero knights
    Inkling boy- shadow legion
    Ridley- shadow legion
    Simon- hero knights
    Richter- shadow legion
    King K Rool- shadow legion
    Isabelle- hero knights
    Incineroar- shadow legion
    Piranha plant- shadow legion

    I’m not trying to rush you or anything but I just thought you might like the idea if you plan on doing this in the future. Reply back and tell me your thoughts

  3. I'm not one to joke around much, but I should probably say this. (Clears throat) You forgot one certain move he has at his disposal, it's called Data Corruption. Data Corruption is a move that has a chance of corrupting your data entirely if pick Mr. Plant in Classic or All Star. Apparently Duck Hunt has this move as well. I haven't tested it, but I'm not taking any chances. I already completed every single Smash, Classic, and almost every Spirit challenge, and most of those were a gigantic pain.

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