2019 is being a master year for Nintendo Switch. During the last nine months, numerous titles have been released for sale that have earned free membership in our library, but there are still three more months that will make us look for money under the stones to make us with them.

In addition to The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Y Pokémon Sword and Shield, in a few weeks it will arrive Luigi's Mansion 3, the new adventure starring Mario's brother and that will try to conquer us once again as he already did with the deliveries of this series in game Cube Y Nintendo 3DS.

From what has been seen throughout this time I already imagined that a game is very close to take into account, but it has been trying a few days ago its cooperative multiplayer mode and be very clear that I want to have this title yes or yes in my collection to enjoy it in the company of another person.

A more entertaining experience for two players

Luigi's Mansion 3 - Advance

In the new version of Luigi's Mansion that was published a few months ago on Nintendo 3DS was when we met Gomiluigi, a version of Luigi totally green and viscose. In this first part his presence was not as decisive as it will be in this imminent third installment, since the adventure will cause us to alternate between both characters on numerous occasions.

In Luigi's Mansion 3 the different floors that we will travel from this enchanted hotel will be full of puzzles. Of course there will be some in which Mario's brother can solve them himself, although we will also meet many others in which while Luigi performs a certain action, Gomiluigi must do another. To do this, simply press a single button to select one or the other.

This means that the game is designed conscientiously so that the two characters have a great role. Therefore, the best way to take advantage of this possibility is with the company of a second player so that both execute the actions more quickly and in the way it becomes an infinitely more interactive experience, in addition to the second player can help us absolutely in everything, for example when exploring the stage in search of secrets, coins or other treasures.

Luigi's Mansion 3 - Advance

To this last must be added that Luigi's sucker is more complete than ever. Thanks to it we can hit a flash so that the light covers a large part of the space, also jump, locate some hidden element, expel air or even fire a plunger that will remain stuck on stage elements so that, immediately afterwards, pull he. In fact, in this advance we came across a giant watermelon that the only way was to use this tool with the two players to get it out of the way.

On the other hand, Gomiluigi has certain unique abilities. Thanks to its "liquid" form, it will be able to transfer through bars without any problems in order to access other areas of the rooms, so it will be necessary to agree at all times between the two players to advance. Even so, as we say, all this can be solved only by controlling both, but it is not by far so entertaining.

Fighting ghosts to doubles

Luigi's Mansion 3 - Advance

While Gomiluigi's most important role will be to solve the puzzles, it will also help us when it comes to fighting ghosts. This is because these beings will have to be vacuumed with Luigi's sucker to leave them stunned and then shake them against the ground to cause them great harm. Luigi will take enough life with each hit, but with the help of Gomiluigi, health points will be reduced twice as fast.

At another time in this demo, as the floor in question had an environment similar to that of a forest (the theme of each level will be different), a carnivorous plant that caught Luigi appeared and the only way to save him was with the Gomiluigi's help. To do this he had to use a chainsaw that was on the ground and thus cut the plant in two. We do not know if our peculiar weapon can adapt other forms the rest of the game, but what does look like is that in a matter of gameplay the adventure will not stop surprising us.

Moreover, in the case of the chainsaw it can be used to destroy everything we have around us. What is a bed? Well, we shred it in a few seconds and the same with banks or other elements to discover if they hide any treasure. All this while the splinters fly through the air, getting the graphic level of this title to be fascinating for the amount of details, effects and its lighting to consider this game as one of the most striking, visually speaking, of Nintendo Switch, as well as for the sympathy that the animations and gestures of all the characters give off.

Luigi's Mansion 3 - Advance

The latter also applies to the ghosts themselves and even a final boss that we had to face. Again some of the actions required the help of Gomiluigi and the chainsaw mentioned above to end it. So, if your partner, a friend or family member is encouraged to play, do not hesitate to propose it, regardless of your experience at the controls, because the difficulty of the adventure is designed for anyone to join the game without problems.

Also, it will not be necessary to acquire additional controls, because each one can use a single Joy-Con for everything. Luigi's Mansion 3 will be very fun to play alone, but having a cooperative multiplayer from the beginning it is best to opt for this modality so that the game earns many more points. In my case I have to say that I already want to arrive on October 31 to get hold of it and spend a scandal Halloween.

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