Take a look at the trailer for the total record of video games, which incorporates Tekken 3, Steel Gear Strong, Revelations: Persona, and extra, coming to the PlayStation Basic, accessible on December 3.

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  1. Still it's lame not having HD Resolution. Disappointing as the PSOne Classics from PSN or playing PS1 Discs on PS3 and Parasite Eve uses the Analog Support for walk/run sensitivity while Metal Gear Solid for aiming with the PSG1's Scope.

  2. Okay this is a weird list. I miss some titles and therefore there are titles on there that I wouldn't even consider like Syphon Filter or Rainbow Six (I mean you already have Metal Gear on there) or games I didn't even know like Qube. Why Destruction Derby and not the 2nd or third iteration. Still, there were so many great games on PS1 that it must have been hard to decide. Weird though that there is no WipeOut on there, or Tomb Raider (wasn't that one of the best selling games in on the western market for the PS1?), same goes for crash and Chorno Trigger (Cross). They must have invested all their money into FFVII and Metal Gear licenses.

  3. All you losers in here whining about stupid shit. Maybe bitching and complaining about not having games that you likely already own is stupid? Get over it. Cancel your preorders, whiners, Sony won't miss you lol.

  4. Intelligence Cube? That's a huge waste of a slot, also the original Rayman was an unenjoyable hard game to me, could do without. I'm glad RE1 is on there, I would of much preferred Parasite Eve. I dunno there's a lot of games on here that I feel are a waste of a slot, like Demolition Derby. Also I'm not sure why they picked Jumping Flash 1 over 2 but I'm happy its in there.

  5. Many great games.
    I would swap ff7 for legend of dragoon or chrono cross.
    Also maybe add castlevania.
    But their choices are actually games we grew up with.
    By far better choices than the shit NES and SNES gave.
    Boomers can bitch as much as they want. You grew with emulators so this box doesnt mean anything to you.

  6. why is everyone complaining about the games? syphon filter, ff7, metal gear? ya its missing some good games but im prety sure its because they dont own the rights to them or it would be too expensive to get them? its a cool little machine with some cool games..dont like the games dont buy it.

  7. Disregarding copyright restraints, this should have been the Top 20 (Organized By Sales Figure):
    10,850,000 Gran Turismo
    9,800,000 Final Fantasy 7
    8,300,000 Tekken 3
    7,100,000 Tomb Raider
    6,000,000 Metal Gear Solid
    4,960,000 Resident Evil 2
    4,000,000 Rayman
    3,500,000 Oddworld Abe's Oddysee
    3,500,000 Tony Hawk's Pro Skater
    2,270,000 Final Fantasy Tactics
    2,000,000 Silent Hill
    1,940,000 Parasite Eve
    1,850,000 Spider-Man
    1,750,000 Syphon Filter
    1,740,000 Twisted Metal 2
    1,500,000 Legacy of Kain Soul Reaver
    1,470,000 PaRappa the Rapper
    1,450,000 Grand Theft Auto 2
    1,270,000 Castlevania Symphony of The Night
    1,240,000 Legend of Dragoon

  8. I only see 3 to 4 games that I would play… 2 of them that I would play for more than half an hour (final fantasy and metal gear). To be honest it is a cool collectible, but not something I want to pay full price for

  9. As a kid I made a deal with my best friend: you get everything ps1/ps2, and I buy nintendo stuff. Great deal, cause we got to play way more games like that!

    I was so looking forward to finally playing silent hill, ape escape, crash team racing, tomba and more. And most of it is missing! So bummed out about that!

  10. No Silent Hill
    No Crash Bandicoot of any kind
    No RE2
    No Castlevania SoTN
    No Tomba
    No Megaman Legends of any kind
    No Legend of Dragoon
    No Chrono Cross
    No Parasite Eve
    No Klonoa Door to Phantomile
    Surprised in all honesty that Persona 1 is on there. Considering how rare it is and it's not on PSN. For some people, that may be an entry of purchase.


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