#1 Colt Professional Ideas | KairosTime – Brawl Stars
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Watch Subsequent: #1 Crow Professional ► https://youtu.be/gcLUghr0gCE

As we speak I’ve introduced Jonnyboy onto the channel for a #1 PRO Colt professional interview! We’ll present a few of his EPIC gameplay, speak about the most effective tricks to taking part in Colt like a Professional, in addition to speak about what it is prefer to push a brawler to 1k two seasons in a row!!


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Govt Producer(s):
– MathBandit


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  1. Honestly I can’t take Brawlstar “pros” seriously because the game is such a meme compared to MOBA pros etc lol. I think it is just the way the game is portrayed towards a kids audience. However this guy seemed really calm, collected and professional so I have to give props. Definitely can see myself playing this game for awhile and he sure as hell knows what he’s talking about instead of just “just press buttons bro”

  2. I mean johnnys pretty fuc in good but it’s not like he’s an absolute GOD if ur gonna tell me no one is better than him at colt I better see him landing 90% of shots don’t take shots u know u can’t hit


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