Microsoft has introduced Venture xCloud, their international recreation streaming service that goals to place video games on as many gadgets as attainable.

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  1. Microsoft: we want gaming to be for the first world countries only , fuck the 70% of the world , we will cut our loses from lootboxes and rich idiots , oh , forget quality content too , cause companies wont care cause you dont own their product afterall . This is not the future of gaming , this is the death of gaming , microsoft , plz , fire all these non gamer idiots that you have there and hire some ppl that know what they're doing. naming it project xcloud too , i get flashbacks from project natal … Is there a feminist leading this company now? is it feelings and unicorns more important that common sense in American companies nowadays? Fucking ridiculous.

  2. Eliminate the need for purchasing the hard console to play that ser ice's games, and they will run all the way to the bank. I've been saying it for years.

    Microsoft has been pioneering and testing a lot of this – playing same games on multiple platforms(Play Anywhere), rental subscriptions Gamepass), Cloud storage and multi-server multiplayer, and multi-generational gaming (back compat).

    They're also literally the only company right now BY FAR with the server bulk for this (1.1million – over DOUBLE the closest competitor and more than 3x Sony).

    If Microsoft can make it so your entire library was tied to a single Xbox account paid monthly, accessed anywhere with the XBOX Application – not only have they eliminated the need for huge hardware sales, they already have billions of potential users with the hardware required in their hands!

  3. cool, this will be great for all those people who live in a first world country and fit into the upper middle class or higher, who both have access to and can afford reliable fast internet… but not me.

  4. Streaming will only work if you have the most top notch internet connection which isn't something everyone can have. This is going to flop, especially if console like the Switch exists now a days.

  5. i fucking hate videos like this, "Hi I am X developer/Personality and I am talking in a dark/bright room directly into the camera, trying to convey emotion about a service that I have to pay for"

  6. Pros:
    -You don't need to have high spec PC to play it in really high settings at 60FPS unlike some people.
    -You don't need to buy each game to play them, you just need to pay the regular subscription fee.
    -Lesser usage of plastics and metals to make physical copies of the game.
    -Possible gaming on mobile with console/PC graphics as long as tou have strong connections.
    -If you're PC/Console breaks, and the memory, save data, and the game is safe.
    -If you hate a game, you can just not play it and play other games bevause you did not spend $30 to $50 for one game but possibly $100 to $200 annually for the whole library.

    -If your connection is shitty, you can't play it the way you want to.
    -Lag and Latency.
    -If you only ever play 1 or 2 games, it's better to buy the game.
    -If this one has the "Normal and VIP" class system, it's gonna suck unless it's just there for aesthetic reasons only. (Bad example: If DLCs are for VIP users only. Good Example: Your name has VIP on it)
    -Modding would be hard. I don't think Microsoft would pass up the chance to charge users for using mods but we can hope. (But I am pretty sure, it's gonna block mods from LoversLab, for example)

  7. "When you think of other types of media it's laughable that content is locked to a device" Phill… Your speaking to me personally. I've been saying exclusives need to die for years now. This isn't the toe tag just yet but this is the chicken bone for exclusives to slowly choke on.


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