Psychonauts 2 will nonetheless be coming to *ALL* promised platforms: PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, and naturally – Xbox 🙂

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  1. I understand that a video game should have all the time in the world when it's going through development, but don't you think this game had enough time already? Don't get me wrong. I, myself, love psychonauts as I wanna play it as much as everyone else who love the original psychonauts as well. I just think that fans deserve a release date at the very least.

  2. I spotted Tim coming out of the comic book store on Divisadero with (presumably his) kid by the hand last month, and just had to stop in front of him, put out my hand and say, "Sir, could I shake your hand?" He understandably looked at me a little askance, as did the kid, the two of whom froze for a moment until I added "Best game ever made, and I tell people that all the time." At which he lit up, said "Awesome!", and got a freshly-admiring glance from two eyes three feet off the ground next to him. How nice the kid got to hear that out of the blue like that. Coincidentally, I was coming home from my job at Moscone Center, putting in a booth at the Psychiatric convention (not Psychonauts, just plain psycho). The exhibitor whose booth I was setting up told me that her daughter was studying computer animation, and when I mentioned Psychonauts, she lit up and said "That's her favorite game,; she raves about that thing."

    A little more praise out the blue. Rave on.

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