I needed this video to point out you what enjoying Yuumi will ACTUALLY appear like (not simply troll builds and stomping PBE gamers). As somebody who has performed extra Yuumi than 99% of the individuals on the planet I’m the self-proclaimed RANK 1 YUUMI! Do not take the title too severely.


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  1. I usually build Yuumi like a support mage but remember she isnt a regular support mage, she is a buff mage. Aery, Manaflow, Trans, Gathering Storm with either bone plating and revitalize or cheap shot and ingenious hunter.
    Aery works great especially with planned buffs combined with her shield and heals. Manaflow and trans for the Q spam. Gathering Storm over the burn because it is going to be present across all your abilities instead of just Q and Ult. Bone plating so you can proc passive a bit more safely and effectively. Revitalize for the stronger passive and healing. Or Cheapshot for early game harass and ingenious hunter for the ult spam since it is already low CD. Presence of mind and cut down may also be great options.
    I grab second item frost queens then rush ardent (More on that).
    I max Q first, then W, then E. I prioritize other points after first point of R because the damage is low and so is the CD even with only one point.
    How this works.
    The AP supports so much damage and healing that building more heal percentage does not seem as effective to me except for ardent because it litetally provides you everything Yuumi needs: shield and heal increases, ap, mana, and buffing champion auto damage and speed. Its literally Yuumis kit in an item. Now why Q over anything because its going to give you a ton of harass in the earlier game so that you can help lock down kills and get farmed up. W next only if you are getting fed, if not then you need to hard support the adc by maxing E. But if you build up W then you will be able to turn your AA champions into gods. Continue to build AP and CDR. I personally dont grab boots because Yuumi has a speed boost heal, a slow skill shot, a rooting ult panic button, and a dash to untargetable, and a shield. Everything in her kit is also built with escapes. Focus that into more AP instead since late game your AP turns into you teammates damage so you dont need to worry about magic pen items.
    My build usually goes Frost Queen 1>2>ardent rush grabbing mana component first> luudens (Ap, CDR, Mana)> if doing well death cap, if not spooky ghosts> which ever you did not previously get>match specific (tank fed?>mikaels or redemption. Carries fed? > more ap. Their tank fed?> Liandrys. Lots of enemy healing?> morello. Super mobile enemies?> GLP or Rylais. Cant decide?> Void staff works)

  2. You should of be detached under tower prepping minions the normal way. Attached you actually give him AD which messes up turret farming even more because he can’t do 1 auto tower 1 auto soldiers with bonus ad.

  3. Responding to your comments at the end of the video where she is on the weaker side and doesn't have much agency that's because you're playing her wrong. She's a champion that excels at poke. Probably one of the best in the game… Yet you chose to max her Q (her quintessential poking ability) last. You also built almost no ap so you hit like a wet noodle. I can almost one shot squishies with one Q when I plan her. You should max Q, then E, then W, and obviously R asap.

  4. So far, I like running Summon Aery so that I have more poke in lane and so that I can still shield too. Resolve secondary so I can still take Revitalize. Building more ap focused support items like: ardent, unholy grail and Shurelya's so that my w passive is helpful for the ADC or bruiser.

  5. I disagree with the runee, items and skill order entirely.

    I mean sure support items are good on her. But I go straight ap. I go ap runes, arcane comet synergizes nicely with her q slow because it nearly guarantees comet hit. Gathering storm, cdr too. I go 5cdr and future market and 2x ap adaptive.

    I usually build the ap support gold item, them ludens, liandrys, etc. I also go for mejais too because you shouldn't be dieing much so it's free ap. Max q for sure. He poke eventually gets really strong. You have to be more careful about when you detach because there were multiple times that you detached and you couldn't reattach and heal your ally and they died. Yeah it's important to know when to detach but eventually q cool down is so low (2secs or under) that it wouldn't even make sense to detach to auto.

    All in all she's the perfect candidate for a super squish straight ap build because she shouldn't be dieing. Also it's awesome that you can take advatange of the fact that she doesn't need boots– so instead of sorc boots you could build a better pen item like void staff.

    I agree, it is painful when you're detached and can't catch up to anyone to attach to.

  6. hmm, I start with lich bane for damage, mana and CD. then i go for the support items. for the runes i go aery, manaflow, celerity, gathering storm and then biscuit delivery and magical footwear, mainly for the speed.
    try it, it does wonders. if your adc is good and knows how to play around yuumi even a little bit, no one can touch u~

  7. I think in this specific game you should've gone for more app for your W passive instead of more shield, adcs are too squishy by nature, even a 1000 hp shield is just 1 skill shot from anyone, shield approach only works well if you got a bruiser tank like mundo or voli or even jax

  8. She barely comes out and people are already arguing about her build and runes…
    Personally I've been running her with Glacial augment/GLP/Twin Shadows. Has been working pretty well, active items seem to be where she will shine the most since you can use several of them in team fights while attached to your tank. About pushing the wave unfortunately I'm in Bronze where you so much as attack a minion and the ADC freaks out at you, so I stay attached the majority of the time. In their mind helping to push the wave is stealing their CS.

  9. You do realize that if you go full AP you're going to give your adc 200 ad extra right?
    Or if you hop on an ap champion you'll both have ~1.4k ap
    And your heals will heal for more than 120…

    You get 1 gold item, then 1 support item: Ardent censer OR grail. not both. Your AP will more than make up for any healing grail could give you endgame if you pick Ardent censer.
    After that full AP. Also – pick gathering storm rune.

    I don't really get why people are afraid to get AP when they are a support champ that gets stronger with AP… it makes no sense

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