Apple will release its own video game subscription service this week. Apple Arcade will allow access to dozens of titles, among which there will be a few that will be exclusive of this digital platform. One of them will be Rayman Mini, the new adventure of the charismatic character of Ubisoft.

With a visual section very similar to that of the last Rayman, in this platform game our hero has received a curse that has caused its size is as large as that of an ant, so you must go through numerous levels until you find a cure that returns you to normal.

In total there will be 48 phases to overcome with their respective final bosses and even a few outfits that will be unlocked, in addition to the possibility of also playing with Globox or Barbara. In addition, the intention of the gala company is to expand the content during the next months with more news and surprises that will be revealed later.

Apple Arcade will be available from September 19th with a price of 4.99 euros per month and with the option to share the same account with up to six more people. However, Ubisoft has not clarified that the launch of Rayman Mini is going to occur this week, so in the meantime we leave you with your new gameplay trailer So you can see how good it looks.


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