minecraft earth gameplay is right here!
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  1. Epicgames: we have the best game ever created nothing compares to it.

    Mojang: Ya know we have 91 Million players playing on Minecraft still ever since 2011 and what? You 60 – 70 Million players on Fortnite since 2017…Please!


    Kid, currently only 7 years old, was walking along the street with his mother. She speaks to him outside a coffee shop while he is collecting some shiny diamonds. The mother, currently 29 years old, Pulls out her phone and reads to him out loud saying that his diamonds can get stolen if he does not keep them safe. While speaking to her son, she secretly switches to the Minecraft world and takes the kids diamonds while pretending to scroll down. The kid walks behind her from under the table and secretly looks at her screen to see what page she is on. Then he sees that she is mining his diamonds away and calls the Minecraft Police.
    The Minecraft police take the mother away and put her in a jail made of cubes. All of a sudden, reality comes to the mothers eyes and she turns off her phone. This sudden action to leave the Minecraft world, causes the mother to casually walk back home. And…

    She forgot her son!

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