If this is a ploy of Rockstar to sow confusion, it's going great. From the last update who has recently left for Red Dead Online, as they point in Polygon, many players are confused by the discovery of what they seem to be zombies.

And I say they look like it because nobody is very clear yet. First, the Reddit user xXVoluntaryeyeXx he found a emaciated blue skin corpse and bright green eyes in an Armadillo tomb (the main photo of this news is his). The user himself admitted that he did not believe that this meant anything, beyond a possible implementation of the cholera virus in the game.

However, the thing has become more interesting with the discovery of a gloomy lady in a swamp, made by groats_active. Unlike the previous one, is standing and he doesn't have blue skin, but white skin. On top of that, it seems that the swamp itself is full of corpses similar scattered on the ground.

Now, here comes the doubt, because players claim that the behavior of these bodies is very bugeado, especially when interacting with them. Another user, indiethetvshow, assures who also met the swamp lady. A dog took him there and was assaulted by a bandit in one of the many random events of the game.

The user believes that this lady must be lying on the floor, but for some kind of bug, it can be seen standing up without doing anything. Not the only "zombie" that Have been found standing as part of a random event in which a dog guides you.

Red Dead Online

There are several possibilities here. Despite the bugs, we can eliminate this from the equation just by chance. Maybe it is something related to the anger, and the only thing that happens is that they are implementing it little by little. However, everyone's hopes are set elsewhere: Undead Nightmare.

Halloween it's already very close, so it wouldn't be surprising that Rockstar was preparing a sequel to the famous zombie expansion of the first Red dead redemption (which also came out on October 31). Seeing also the direction that the company has been taking with Grand Theft Auto V, it is quite likely that this time Don't be a campaign DLC, but for the online.

Maybe Rockstar is anticipating a new one Undead Nightmare without having announced anything in order to drive everyone crazy. It is clear that with so much bug they have not finished leaving, but to tell the truth, that has only made the mystery be even more interesting.

It should be noted that this It is not the first strange event of this kind that happens in Red Dead Online.

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