Be taught why the Remaining Fantasy 7 remake is made for newcomers and veterans alike–and get a have a look at some contemporary gameplay!

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  1. Choice for combats pleeeease!!!
    Mode ff10, Mode ff15 (real time), and Mode ff7 remake tactique atb. And 2 mini games like triade game cards and blitzball, and manyyyy cutscenes and many wapons and equipement, and more difficulte. if all that its ok i buy

  2. I really hope they don’t keep the dialouge telling the player how to do everything. It takes all the fun out of beating anything when u just following orders instead of figuring it out yourself.

  3. Do not doubt that this game will be the all time epic in the entire gaming universe💪 The battle system appears very cool and just look at the stunning graphics.🤤🤤🤤 I am also a big fan of the FF music so my ears are looking forward listening to the score. Btw, the character design of Barrett at first glance is a 10/10…this is how i imagined him, fucking badass to the bone 💪🏿

  4. Imagine showing this demo in its entirety to ourselves back when the original was released, and tell our kid version of ourselves that "this is what you will be able to look forward to in about 20 years". We wouldn't believe it, not even a little bit.

  5. I can’t wait to traverse the train graveyard for the updated music, the desert for the updated music and explore the northern cave for the you guessed it.. updated music. And ofc the overworld theme <3

  6. May VII not be a disappointment.
    May VII live up to this kind of hype
    May VII pave the way for complete remakes of their other top classic titles such as IV and VI.
    May this remake not be done so wrong, as to ruin my teenage years.

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