We performed a model new Claire part and went up in opposition to Lickers, lifeless Police and a good deader Dodo.

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  1. This looks truly terrifying, listening for the zombie coming through the door, wanting to whip around to see where they are, trying to sneak past them so they don't grab you knowing your out of bullets!!! all in the perfect 3rd person view…YES this is what Resident Evil was MEANT to be like!!!

  2. The 4 legged mould looks faster than this licker. Their sound are the same. Where is the licker`s nasty sound? I'm tired of these generic enemy sounds. Throw some human voices like Night of the living dead and the original RE2.

  3. This makes me want a game where you're maybe like a random cop or something in an open world raccoon city. From like the beginning of the out break, to the end, or maybe even switch off characters, and play large sections at a time. I want more Raccoon City


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