Try some extra footage from Capcom’s upcoming remake of Resident Evil 2

Watch extra from E3 2018 right here!

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  1. I'm hyped for this game, I can't wait to see the pre order bonuses there going to have for Xbox One. I hope they add Barry's model of the Samurai edge gun, Weskers as well. And if this game is a success which it looks like it is going to be, I hope Capcom decides to remake RE3. Imagine how amazing and scary it's going to be when Nemesis pursues Jill throughout the zombie riddled streets of Raccoon City. But for now let's just enjoy this game which is going to be epic.

  2. I'm surprisingly ok with over the shoulder, as long as it isn't too easy and it stays survival horror (e.g. low ammo and health and less action orientated). I actually think that over the shoulder will work well to create that feeling of being surrounded and not knowing what's behind you if they decided to put lots of zombies in the game, as opposed to the first RE. We'll see how it goes. To be honest though, I'm just happy to see this is actually being released. 🙂

  3. Aside from that guy not looking like Leon at all, I'm okay with this. I just hope it's not going the route of RE4/RE5 with a lot of action but not a lot of suspense or really dangerous situations.

  4. looks pretty cool, quite different from resi 2 vibes, but its nice that they are making zombies scary again. Though gotta say I really hate the blood effects the game seems to have, very "arcady". Looks exactly like blood in resident evil 6 or so ( like sewer shit water ). Makes the game look cheap rather than spooky

  5. Leon… looks like a panzy…. like i know thats what 20 year old leon right but he looks like hes still 16 and idk he needs a deeper voice closer to res evil 4 voice because canonicly speaking the time between 4 and 2 were not long enough for him to change voices

  6. It seems that Capcom will never get over RE games! Just keeps making and remaking the same game ten times! Is that everything they can do?! Wasting time on old games instead of making new ones!


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