If there’s one criticism that I can get behind in Future, it’s that we’ve been dealing with the very same enemies for near 4 years now. Future: The Taken King may need launched the Taken in 2015, however their main menace was that of a remix of current enemy behaviours and talents. Quick ahead to Future 2, and the standard scum of the universe had solely learnt a handful of recent tips with which to barely lengthen their life on the finish of a Graviton Lance.

Future 2: Forsaken then, is an opportunity to introduce a brand new faction that’ll threaten the Guardians. Generally known as the Scorn, these aggressive new enemies come at gamers like closely armed Lemmings. They’ve obtained the life preservation expertise of a teen on the prime of their perception that they’re going to stay perpetually, with many sub-types unfold between the dastardly lot. Right here’s a fast breakdown via Game Informer and Polygon of the menace that’ll be aiding the Barons of their conquest of The Reef this September:


Destiny 2 Forsaken (5)

The rank and file of the Scorn, Screebs are pure cannon fodder enemies who’ll continuously cost at gamers and take in their bullets in order that different Scorn items can reap the benefits of the chaos.


Just like the Dregs of the Fallen, Raiders are barely stockier Scorn troopers who depend on hit and run teleportation ways whereas they lob Void buzzsaws at gamers and I feel I simply discovered the theme of my subsequent heavy metallic album.


Pure melee items, Ravagers run at players with a flaming and explosive flail that additionally occurs to be their crit spot. In the event that they attain you, not solely will they tear yur shields aside they’ll additionally explode in a blaze of glory.


One of many few items who can act with self-preservation in thoughts, Lurkers deploy a defend to guard themselves in battle. A defend whose weak level occurs to be on the rear, forcing Guardians to shut the hole and get rid of the weak level in order that they will deal harm.


Think about a heavy hitter like a Hive Ogre, solely with the power to shoot lightning at you and also you’ve obtained the Scorn Mongrel. A smash-happy behemoth, you’ll want to remain on the run if you wish to survive an encounter with one in every of these unhealthy boys.


Somebody wants to remain accountable for this motley collective of scum and villainy, and that somebody occurs to be the Chieftains who lead bands of Scorn all through their raids within the Reef. Just like a Fallen Captain, Chieftains deploy specialised elemental totems with which to maintain Guardians at bay. Their Photo voltaic totem capabilities like a turret, Void totems create a defend for Scorn and Arc totems draw gamers into battle with a vortex.

Destiny 2 Forsaken (4)

Sounds fascinating! Very like LEGO, Future’s problem for gamers has all the time been in how these numerous enemy varieties are mixed. Whereas no single enemy on their very own is a hazard to any ready Guardian, a dozen Scorn troopers made up of these numerous new items does sound like a recipe for hazard, one which’ll have gamers continuously on the transfer and operating for his or her life as a substitute of hunkering down for the ol’ pay ‘n spray tactic.

Sounds sort of neat, though I’m guessing these guys might be utter bastards to cope with when it’s their flip to rotate into the weekly Dusk strike.

Final Up to date: July 11, 2018

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