Nintendo introduced last week a mysterious device for Nintendo Switch that left us with doubts about what its use and purpose would be, inviting us to wait until September 12 to discover all the details. Well, that moment has already arrived and the great N has revealed RingFit Adventure.

It will be an adventure game that will use a couple of devices that we must use with our body. One of them will be a ring called Ring-Conwhile the other will be a tape that we will adjust to one of our legs. Each of them will be equipped with one of the two Joy-Con.

The purpose of this device is that we exercise our body at the same time as will detect physical strength that we do for transform it into attacks. As not everyone has the same physical condition, the game can be calibrated at all times to fit the body or the needs of each.

During the adventure we will go through different levels in which we must run on site For our character to walk. Pressing the ring will release compressed air, in addition to being able to jump if we move it down. On the way enemies will appear against those we will face in some fitness bouts.

Ringfit Adventure

In these battles for turns the attacks will be executed based on the movements we make. Some will require that we use the arms, others the trunk or also the legs. The more precise they are, the more damage we will cause to the enemies, although we will also have to try to stop their blows so that they do not take too much life from us.

As you win fighting you will leave gaining experience to level up and thus increase statistics and obtain other skills. The sessions will not have any special duration and there will depend on what each one wants to exercise, although other game modes will also be available.

Ringfit Adventure

For example, there will be basic challenges which will consist of exercising a concrete movement at full speed, series of exercises and even fun mini-games. In addition, at all times you can check the calories burned or also activate a silent mode for all those who live on a floor and do not want to disturb the neighbor below with the jumps.

RingFit Adventure will hit stores on October 18 and within each pack a copy of the game will be included along with the Ring-Con and the leg strap for 79.99 euros.


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