The combating sport is offered now on PlayStation four and Xbox One.

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  1. This trailer started playing before a bunch of my videos.

    It took me a few seconds before it clicked what the heck this song was and I had to make sure the rest of you are on the same page as me.

    All I know is pain
    All I feel is rain
    How can I maintain
    With mad shit on my brain?

  2. Oh no, you ain't gonna sucker me into buying a game just cause you got some badass hiphop in the trailer. I already made the mistake with MK11… but damn is this Samurai Shodown remix of Ruff Ryders good! I'll wait to see if this game is good as well.

  3. They went with the ugliest graphics style possible! SF V looks like a pile of crap. But this is way worse and they did this years and years later. Big mistake. Shitty character design and animations too.

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