SCUM – New Gameplay Trailer (Open World Jail Sport 2018)
Coming quickly to Steam:
SCUM evolves the multiplayer open world survival sport with unprecedented ranges of character customization, management and development, the place data and abilities are the last word weapons for long-term survival. Gamers will steadiness base degree wants with knowledge-based abilities to handle every thing from nourishment, metabolic fee and physique mass to weapons proficiency, fight fashion and safety methods hacking. Dominate the island along with your abilities, crafty and methods to realize increased ranges of sport and obtain highly effective presents from company sponsors and, in case you occur to slide up and die, get resurrected by the present’s producers with all of your precious abilities nonetheless intact.

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  1. not many people will want to "play" this "game" if they are going to have to worry about all those fuking impractical attributes and other immense aspects.. it's all tooooooooo much!!!!!

  2. seriously, guys. this shit is too complicated. I understand it completely. But nobody wants to deal with this shit just to play a game. And I played dayz mod for thousands of hours. You don't have to make the game simple, but holy shit, there is a point at which things get too complicated to become a fun game.

  3. These games are so time consuming , people would rather build up a character in video game instead of improving their own life’s this is too much

  4. Our IQ decreases when we get older tho.. You can't link intelligence to IQ because Intellect is base on how much knowledge you have and IQ is base on how fast you process things-so one does not increases the other.


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