Season 9 Help Leona gameplay at diamond on patch 9.1. Leona is among the greatest tank helps coming into season 9 so hopefully this gameplay session from the stream offers you some recommendations on the way to play Leona help!

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  1. I searched Velkoz Support guides and i stumbled across this. It doesn't matter to me how good/bad a League youtuber is, what matters is their soothing voice

    You sir, have the gift of your voice. And you are pretty good to boot! Thank you! <3

  2. there is a delay with kalistas ult. ranged supports synergize great with kalista as well, especially if she starts sentinel due to the great poke you can dish out from sentinel passive.

    when kalista ults you and you deliver the knock up you bounce back to your AA range, and you also have some control over what angle you bounce back at depending on how you collide with the enemy.

    you can also help cs if you are in comms due to the sentinel passive as well. its extremely underutilized. some kalistas will skip it all together till level 4.

    sona power chord plus sentinel passive is a huge chunk of health level 1.

  3. I'm curious about your decision to engage at 24:17 on the Kalista ult. I often have trouble figuring out what Kalista wants me to do when she ults–whether or not she wants me to use it as an escape or an engage, and they never ping. I usually pick wrong and they flame me. ¯_(ツ)_/¯ I legit can't tell what she wanted in this reply. She was positioned really aggressively, but then backed off right before ulting.

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