Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is the latest FromSoftware game, coming out March 2019. We got to play the latest build, featuring some all-new areas and enemies.

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  1. from what I can see here, it is not clanky and is very smooth compared to the previous from software titles

    The addition of "jump" alone is different enough from the soulsborne titles

    I think I will enjoy this game so much

  2. Ah man great gameplay. Just the game and it’s sounds. No background music or yammering commentary. Got lost in this video as if I was playing. Good stuff!

  3. The games looks really cool, but the lack of customization kills the experience for me. After a few runs i felt like "this is it?" And really thinking about not getting it cuz from the demo they provided me 8 felt like i have seen it all. Sad. Games are getting boring.

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