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  1. That Catapult was a K2 variant. Swaps out the LRM-15s for PPCs and swaps two of its medium lasers for MGs and six additional heat sinks. Nasty when paired with a standard Catapult as an artillery section

  2. 7:07 – could have gone for a melee attack (you even had enough morale for vigilance). 90 damage with 0 heat generation and lots of stability damage, too (would have knocked it down with medusas missiles). melee is the only thing the dragon doesnt completely suck at.

    8:44 – manual called shots (ie, precision strike) is nearly always a waste of morale; you should save morale for vigilance when you need to reposition your mechs or ensure you move before the enemy. simply walk around the enemy so youre shooting from the "best" direction to hit the parts you want, or knock them down to get free called shots.

  3. Odd, a Panther is technically a PPC on legs … you will never field it, melt em instantly on completion … you already know it bring more c-bills than selling lateron, The same can be said to most of your doubles, keep a JEN though … it can serve as a fast, early-moving spotter for your LRMs … just choose the pilot accordingly.
    The WVR is best at close and middle range … SRMs and ML serve well, if you can spare the weight for the AC5 and 1t of ammo, it can snipe while approaching … or when running for cover.
    The TREB is quite well done, except for the placement of it's components: the LRM15 should be in his arm and the LRM20 in it's torso … an arm is lost faster then a torso, so install the lighter weapon there. And spread the ammon out onto every section you can … or collect em all in CT … you're dead anyway, when the big BOOM! happens there.
    The GRIF is a solid longe-range backup, with enough armor to catch the fire of one or two volleys …
    If you keep fielding the DRG, then strip the long-range weapons and go fully close-quarters … with all ammo, lots of HS and all lasers and flamers you can fit in … if excess tonnage allows you may even put 2 or 3 jumpjets (but don't overdo – JJs weight 4-times on heavies compared to lights .. at least in the tabletop) …. besides HS belong into legs to count double when in water …. unless they changed that unnecesarily.
    By the way – i would have gown directly to hell using your tactics … but with that luck you made it. Congrats.

  4. Readying all those mechs is going to make your monthly costs go through the roof. Pack them away and if you don't need them, sell them so you're not constantly one bad mission away from bankruptcy

  5. The tier 2 guts skill is the weakest available so I'd advise against taking it on odd, simply because at end game the mechs are so slow and heavy that they're frequently blown up before they can close to melee range.

  6. That was a good slugfest!

    Quick tip: the dragon was close range most of the fight and the LRM consistently had a low chance to hit. If you swapped for an SRM 6 it would compliment your other weapons better, do more damage, and allow you to equip more armor!

  7. So you got me to buy this game cause you made it look so fun. And it is a blast. 2nd You need to learn to use precision strike more. And BETTER. I been in 11 vs 4 battles and i do mean 11 vs 4 off the bat. Not vs 3 dif lances at dif times. Anyways i won with 0 deaths and killed them all. Because i use precision strike to take out the closer mechs. OR highest threats. Yes its rng based sometimes it still doesnt work. But get ur crew skills up especialy on ur snipers on Tactical you get major bonuses for called shots when thats 9,10 points. When u do precision strike it ignores ALL evasion on the enemy. I cant tell you how many times my main char with 10 tactical 1 shots 65 Ton and below mechs with his 65 ton mech. I mean 100% armored full hp mechs. they shoot 1 time i get in my weapns range precision their torso and blow them out. leaving my other 3 guys to position and widdle down another target. Without using that strike i almost always run out of ammo. Cause ur shots almost never go where u want if u just winging shots. I'll add that another thing is i only run at most 35 armor on all my rear armors. Why waste armor and weight for something that doesnt get used. Put it in the front, where ur using it most.

  8. Not second-guessing your thoughts on this mission, but don't be afraid to consider ejecting when the core/pilot takes heavy damage. You incur a little more damage to the mech (the head section is destroyed), but you save the pilot, and the mech can be repaired. If you can finish the mission without the damaged mech, it might be worth doing.

  9. If you travel to other faction's territories on your own, does that give you access to more or different contracts with those factions? If you can, that might be something worth trying.

  10. Holy cow, you actually did that without any casualties or destroyed mechs. A testament to your skill I suppose because your mechs are certainly a bit on the under-firepower side of things. I'll have to rewatch this fight to see how you did it. I think what helped was the Dragon in my game just set up there pretty and kept bulwarked to soak up a lot of damage whereas here he came off his perch to engage. Taking out the firestarter too is good move as well.

  11. Great Job Mr Odd! This was a crazy hard mission for me. I ended up with two mechs out of ammo and one mech so overheated his legs melted off! Turned into a melee slugfest and was tense and awesome. Favourite mission so far. You did way better than me. Was great to watch. Thanks!

  12. Just a reminder in case you missed it, but the armor thing is just a visual glitch if a mech took structural damage. The mech will have the full armor when you take it into battle.

    The dragon seems under armored compared to how often it is on the frontline. I think you should ditch the LRM10, max the front armor and maybe reduce back armor. For the remaining tonnage, either equip jumpjets and heatsinks or add SRMs. I personally equipped it with max front armor, SRM6+4, two medium lasers, full jumpjets and some heat sinks.

    I would also recommend trying to go for harder missions (2.5-3) to get some better mechs. You can always use navigation to fly to planets with a higher rating if there isn't any available missions. There is always the withdraw button in the upper right corner (mostly rep penalty) and you can eject a pilot (red button next to name in bottom left) if you want to take a mech/pilot out of combat.

  13. I remember when I first did this mission and saw that ridiculous Catapult mech, lol. I was just like "Ohhhh sshhhhiiiiiittt." Then the AI overheated it until it killed itself XD

  14. If the Shadow Hawk is that close in Mech, maybe add that gyro you just picked up as well as a couple support weapons? Flamers? S Lasers? That wat when your hear is up from SRMS, if it gets there, you melee to get rid of heat and fire support munitions at the same time. Maybe?

  15. Odd, the mechs have to be stored to sell them and keeping the mech bays full just means more maintenance costs and makes you do the mech shuffle when you get enough parts for a new one.
    You do not need to hit "Max Armor" as the armor display bug does not actually lose you armor on your mechs, when deployed they will have the correct armor, it is just a visual/readout bug. Max Armor also tends to put way more armor on the back at the expense of arms and legs. You are showing a tendency to underarmor your legs quite a bit and when you run into newer mechs yours are going to have their legs blown out from under them.


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