The genre of skateboard video games not going through its best. At the time of the first PlayStation, those of Tony Hawk, and years later EA gave a new approach to the formula with the saga Skateboard. There was the last splendor.

However, one independent developers seek to collect the witness of what stayed on the road. We may never see a Skate 4but at least we will have Session, which today has just entered the early access phase in Steam.

To commemorate it, Crea-ture Studios has released a new trailer that we leave here for you to enjoy.

Obviously, if you try it, do not expect to find a perfect game. Early access is for that, to be receiving feedback of the players who try it and build the best possible experience.

Session bets very strongly for the more complex simulation. Far away is the agility of old Tony's games, because the main inspiration here is the control with the sticks analogs of Skateboard, but delving deeper into what that saga proposed.

It is an ambitious title, of course, and I hope it goes well, because that would mean that the genre still has rope for a while.

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