Shenmue III It has been another of the games that has not been missing in the Tokyo Game Show 2019. Ys Net He has taken the new installment of the saga to the video game fair in Japan to leave us with a couple of new videos.

One of them is exactly the same one we saw days ago, so the one that really matters to us is the other one that has published and with which it tries to show us some of the beautiful landscapes and scenarios that we will visit in this new chapter of the saga.

With the name of "Spirit of the Land", the video shows us how some of the houses, dojos, restaurants and the streets of the cities look, both day and night, which we will visit soon with Ryo Hazuki. All accompanied by background with relaxing music.

If everything goes according to plan and there is no last-minute change in date, Shenmue III will be available from November 19th on PS4 and PC.

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