Sony is already focused on the next generation of consoles, which does not mean that until that time comes a few exclusive games on PS4 will still go on sale. One of them is Ghost of Tsushima, the new work of Sucket Punch that has captivated Shuhei Yoshida, the president of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios.

In an interview he has given to the Japanese magazine Famitsu He has stated that he has recently been able to try the most updated version of the game and has stayed hallucinated with its graphic section.

Ghost of Tsushima is great too. I am shocked by the graphics. When I start playing, it's so precious that I can't move my hands. There are many scenes of the game that make the Japanese scenarios more beautiful.

The truth is that Ghost of Tsushima is going a little unnoticed compared to other future Sony releases. In fact, the last thing we knew about him is that the team was looking for a new screenwriter to join the project.

Since last year we have not seen a gameplay again of the new from the creators of inFamous, but Yoshida's words leave us with want to know more about this action title which at the moment still does not have a release date, which leads us to wonder if it will eventually end up arriving at PS4 as planned or directly will be one of the games that will be part of PS5.

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