Check out Smite’s latest god, Olorun, accessible now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Swap, and PC.

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  1. Omigosh! They’re finally bringing Afrikan mythology into games. Took these fools long enough. I guess they’re finally beginning to see how rich, robust and deep. Afrikan. Mythology is( most of which the Greeks plagiarized).Olorun is Yoruba for God. I think he is what the greeks might call Zeus. I might be wrong. It might be Olodumare. Other gods that come to mind are Ogun- the god of iron, Shango-the god of thunder, among many others that I can’t remember right now (It’s been such a long time). There Are quite a few demigod and Demi goddesses as well. Osun- The Demi goddess of fertility and beauty. I think Beyoncé dressed up as her at one of the awards Shows, a while back. Well this is a step forward I see, I hope more game developers look into African mythology especially Yoruba mythology which is very magical. That would be something else I think I would make for a very good RPG. This is the most robust fertile ground that nobody is tapping into. All of this recycling of the same old games are just completely played out. Consult with Afrikan mythology professionals and stay on track.

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