Inexperienced Hell is a sweltering wrestle for survival within the Amazonian rainforest. Clinging to life, the participant is ready on a journey of sturdiness as the results of solitude put on heavy not solely on the physique but in addition the thoughts.

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  1. Forgive me if this has been tested already but can an additional bidon be made via the mould system?
    As for the base, closing out that corner over by the shower turned out far better than expected; I had thought it was going to make the interior seem much smaller but it doesn't. 😎

  2. Can you dry the orange mushrooms and have their parasite killing abilities for a longer duration? Like I know making them i to a soup makes them last for ever. But i wonder if drying works as well so you can actually keep them identifiable. Because I didnt see a counter on the dried white mushrooms

  3. This elusive creature you can't identify… Could it be the Predator?
    He closely observed as you terrorized an entire tribe on your own and is contemplating hunting you
    Your paranoid state speaks volume on how immersive the game is. Very believable. Not completely realistic as the jungle in Green Hell is more of a mix of the East Asian and Amazonian jungles, but the developers gave their all to deliver something unique

  4. hmm…i wonder why the locals wont attacking ? this happened in my game too after i finished my base. my base is just same as yours .same location . its the best location really food and resources for daaaays .

  5. Hey GE, Can I just suggest that you switch this series up a bit and give yourself a few challenges, it's great how much you like building but it's kind of the same thing over and over, I am not complaining i would watch anything you make it just feels like you're getting bored with it yourself so…

  6. Actually, its better to harvest Molineria than lilly or other plants because its more common and lily has nutritional value while Molineria doesnt. At some point you have enough bandages and you start ignoring Molineria plants. Well, this is a good use for them. Unfortunately, you can only carry 3 fiber while you can carry a ton of dry leaf piles. But then, you can always keep a pile of raw Molineria for this purpose and restock.

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