Egon Stetmann gameplay in StarCraft 2. The newest co-op commander!
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Egon Stetmann is among the StarCraft 2 Heroes from the Wings of Liberty marketing campaign the place he was the chief science advistor of Raynor’s Raiders. After getting stranded on Bel’shir and getting hooked on Terrazine, he modifies and clearly turned out to be a mad scientist.

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StarCraft 2 is a navy science fiction real-time technique online game developed and launched by Blizzard Leisure.


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  1. You can help your teammate out too by putting stegalites in his zone too so his miners get faster speed and constantly spread out your stegalites, they will btw be easy targets but will come back after a while

  2. Man Stetalites are so helpful to All commanders, stetmann really came out as a good sysnergy for all commanders it seems. Even better with Karax or Swann. Karax for Auto-Repair, and Swann for Sci-ves Repair and with Stetmanns stetalites set to energy regen spam some Def Matrix's.

    Raynor's Medics benefit from the energy regen as well, hell if its on and they heal they stay right at what they currently have (Ie 90 and healing they wont go down)

    Vorazun with Shadow Retreat earned would greatly benefit from the healing effect, while her Dark archons would greatly gain from the energy regen.

    Fenix is already OP but with the speed effect he could close any gap in seconds and just trash any thing anywhere. Though he wouldn't really get much effect off energy regen.

    That's just what I can think of off the top of my head.

  3. I just started playing him and wow his units are weak. They die so fast and im playing on normal. I just go mass zergling to ultras and hydras. Havent tried battle lords yet tho

  4. Seems like the only way to get full Stetzone coverage on this map (without running into overtime) into the Void shards is to make a proxy Hatch in the center, and then build Stetelites from there, bypassing the need to build out from your main.

  5. Mecha Infestors are the way to go. Research UMI-C charging and Mecha Ravager. Make about 8 of them, switch to JUICE config. Start spam roaches away while in purple zone, enjoy.

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