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  1. Want me to shill for this? Okay, let me shill for this.

    Do you remember Descent? Overload is essentially Descent IV — a lot of the original team got back together over the last few years and put together this love letter for Descent 1/2 and the genre they helped create.

    The single-player is *excellent* and a hallmark for these kinds of games, if not the best made yet. The new DLC that released alongside this sale showcases ~20 of the best community-made levels for the game. 9 have been turned into a fairly difficult campaign, and 12 have been given Revival’s blessing with online leaderboard support in the game’s challenge modes.

    The campaign is solid and will probably last you around 10-15 hours depending on your skill with shooters and prior experience piloting in these kinds of games (Sublevel Zero, Neon XSZ, and of course Descent itself).

    Multiplayer isn’t *dead* but it’s not particularly populated, and most of the folks flying today have been at it for a long time (either through Overload’s early access period or from a lot of experience playing Descent multiplayer). There’s a steady stream of people playing every night from ~3 eastern until midnight or later, though usually no more than 15 people total, and often in private matches that are set up in the game’s discord server. It’s a great group of people — eager to teach and to learn themselves. Some of the team streams development progress and plays multiplayer with the community every weekend at [twitch.tv/revivalproductions](http://www.twitch.tv/revivalproductions).

    With an upcoming console release (and multiplayer crossplay!) expected next month, excitement is high for an influx of new players. [Revival’s discord](https://discord.playoverload.com) is really active and joining is strongly encouraged to find multiplayer matches, share strategies for the single-player and challenge modes, and work on/publish custom levels.

  2. As someone who loved Descent ‘back in the day’ (I want to say 90s?), seeing this pop up one day in my hunt for a new VR title was a really welcome surprise!


    It takes you back to that first discovery feeling, but now with the wonderful addition of VR to make this a whole new experience too. The fact it has an easy to use editor (in my limited experience) is a sweet bonus.


    To avoid possible confusion, this is not a VR only title. But if you happen to have a HMD, you really should check this thing out.


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