[Steam] Weekend Deal: Better of SEGA Japan weekend sale: Puyo Puyo™Tetris®, Bayonetta, Shining Resonance Chorus, Yakuza 0, Vanquish, Valkyria Chronicles four and extra (as much as 85% off)

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  1. I’m gonna have to wait until Valkyrie Chronicles 4 drops in price a bit. Because I loved the first one, but I don’t have enough money to drop $50 right now. I highly recommend the first one though.

  2. Can anyone say how the PC version of Crazy Taxi plays? I play a lot of driving games but haven’t really tried Crazy Taxi, but I feel like I’ve heard the Steam version is one of the worst ways to play it.

  3. Is the Mega Drive Classics Collection not supposed to be the complete thing?

    Usually I can’t access the bundle at all from Germany because there are 2 or 3 games in it that are banned but for this sale i can put the whole thing in my cart but it’s missing like 20 games, including all the Sonics, Phantasy Stars and other stuff that should be there.


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