[Steam] Weekend Deal: The Sport Awards 2018 sale

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  1. I’ll be honest here, I’m not sure how I feel about those prices. Everything seems to have a discount and all, but not significant enough for me to actually click the purchase button. Maybe you other Redditors have some suggestions?

  2. For a pretty long time now, I’m thinking about getting the Ni No Kuni II but it seems like it has been on %50 for a pretty long time now. Maybe during the winter sale it can go lower…

  3. Fuck you bethesda. What logic is there in making the base price of your games higher in India than the fucking USA who’s minimum wage is 10 times more? If you don’t want to implement regional pricing, don’t make it worse for countries like mine.

    It fucking sucks that all the games bethesda publishes are amazing.

  4. That feel when you have everything else in the Annapurna Interactive bundle, but on other platforms.

    Such is the price for my platform sluttiness, apparently.

    Still, Donut County sale, I’ll take it.

  5. Dead Cells is fab for $20. I have 74 hours in, and it’s almost all I’ve been playing for a month.

    Into The Breach is a great game, $10.04 is a great price.

    Donut County is quite good. It’s worth the price of a movie ticket, and offers about that much entertainment, and that is the price.

    Everyone seems to be jizzing their pants over Celeste, and it’s at a nice price, but I’m just too poor to pull the trigger right now.

  6. Furi is 5,99€

    Furi + DLC is 6,10€

    I don’t own it nor have i ever played it, but the game looks amazingly fun. The price was higher during the Fall sales so this is a small heads up for those interested. : )

  7. hey fellas, i’ve been looking into getting Monster Hunter World on Steam, was hoping for a 50%, but it turns out it’s 34% just like it was on Black Friday, should i wait for the Winter sale? what do you guys suggest?

  8. So Yoku’s island express is 50% off but, if you already have Yooka-Laylee and Overcooked from prior Humble Monthly’s, it is only 8.99 through that complete your collection bundle. Just and fyi. But, considering a lot of the team 17 games have been part of the humble monthly already, might be worth waiting on, especially if you got this month’s bundle.

  9. I love the idea of Frostpunk but I’m not sure how much content the game offers at the moment so I’m not really sure if it’s worth twenty dollars. Anyone with some experience care to chime in?

  10. As someone who enjoyed Assassin’s Creed: Origins (I became bored trying to do everything and eventually mainlined the last handful of story missions in a couple hours; I was a damn high level) and is becoming bored of Red Dead Redemption 2… would $40 for Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey be a good purchase? I’m tempted to wait for the DLC to fully release, but I did the same thing for Origins and didn’t really touch the DLC after finishing the main story line.


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