1995 Subaru Impreza at England, pushed utilizing Logitech g29 with a home made handbrake and the shifter in Filth Rally 2.0. The automobile is pushed with none assists. The small display screen close to the shifter is my smartphone operating SIMdashboard app. Benefit from the video.

PC Specification: (DESKTOP)
Processor : Intel i5 6600Ok
GPU : Zotac GTX 1080ti AMP! Excessive

Music Used : Filth Rally 2.Zero Monitor 4


  1. теперь то понятно почему я не могу побить рекорды,я в ахуе,пиздец он ёбнутый если честно

  2. I will never get the idea of playing a realistic driving game, especially with steering wheel and pedals, and then using external view instead of cockpit view.
    External view downgrades every racing game to some kind of good looking mario kart for me – immersion is gone completely. Most of the time I am not even able to play the game properly because I cant get a feeling for the cars movement when I am not in cockpit mode.
    The game sounds and looks awesome though. Goiod driving, mate

  3. This game needs more of a penalty when tires go off track. Especially when sideways. The ENTIRE track is an ice rink giving clean smooth slides infinitely.
    Rregardless what the wheels are driving over and how uneven the ground is you slide at any angle over any terrain in a comically predictable manner.
    I had high hopes for realism in this game.. sad.

  4. that engine noise made me jizz. uufffff!!!! would that PS4 setup work with PC or would we need custom drivers? the Xbox one is mediocre AF and actual ones are super mega expensive lol.

    EDIT: nvm now i need to find this setup to use with my PC =0

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