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  1. Leave a like on the video if want some more S tier geras action <3
    check out some of my recent uploads if you missed them. Never taunt noob saibot

    Liu kang destroys

  2. I mean, Geras IS strong, but he's really hard to play for most people. Well, guess that's what makes him so unique, he's not easy, but he's powerful. Know what? I like Geras, I'm gonna start practicing with him for a bit

  3. This is the most unplayable fighting I ever tried to play. Everything feels off and specials moves never work for me. I regret buying this game, it's no fun. It's just the same combo over and over, everyone plays exactly the same, nothing like street fighter or blazblue which I'm really good it, this game feels awkward and broke.

  4. I know people probably ask this a lot but I'm new to mortal kombat so I don't really know what to use so can you or someone please tell which is better, d-pad or analogue stick

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