Disguised Toast teaches you the fundamentals of Teamfight Ways, the brand new League of Legends Auto Chess sport from Riot. TFT shall be on PBE on June 18th for testing and is predicted to launch per week after.

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  1. Not a bad tutorial but NOT a good choice for games to demonstrate. If you're going to go through a real game, narrate WHY you're doing what you're doing more. What are you hoping to build? What's the strategy. A losing game like this taught me almost nothing. It's not about it being a losing game. Tell me what you could've done differently. Please take this as constructive criticism.

  2. Once it is out of beta, it will be a f2p standalone game downloadable from Riot, right. How may the business model look like? I do not require any LoL knowledge. I think it looks better than Underlords.

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